Temporary Tattoo - Little Garden

Temporary Tattoo - Little Garden

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This delicate garden of pastel flowers will add a dainty touch to any look!

These realistic looking temporary tattoos are perfect for those who like subtle and miniature tattoo body art! Perfect fake tattoos for adults!

Perfect accessory for weddings and summer parties!PAPERSELF tattoos mix colour and metallic to create beautifully detailed striking designs on the skin.  Our tattoos are high quality and long lasting.

The perfect addition to any festival or party look! Cut anyway you want to make beautiful designs on the skin!

To apply: Peel off plastic film and apply to clean, dry skin.  Wet with water for 30 seconds and remove paper gently.

To remove: soak for 10 seconds with baby oil. Gently wipe away oil and repeat until tattoo is completely dissolved.  Never rub skin hard, as this may cause the skin to become red and sore.

Warning: Do not apply to sensitive skin, near eyes or if allergic to adhesive.