Striped Candles - Orange, Willow and Neyron

Striped Candles - Orange, Willow and Neyron

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Colourful candles with a twist.


Hand-poured by artisans our colourful candles are a stylish addition to any home, perfect for entertaining or giving as a gift.


Orange Flame


A descriptive name from the licks of fire in a roasting furnace. More red than Grenadine Red.


Neyron Rose


A colour standardised in 1934, from the rose ‘Paul Neyron’, established in 1869. A typical ‘cabbage rose’, with large, fragrant, rich pink flowers. A strong, rich, pink.


Willow Grey


A characteristic colour of the buds of Willow. Introduced into seasonal ranges


in 1942. A warm, slightly brownish grey.


24.5cm Tall

8 hour burn time, with a tall clean flame.


Hand poured in Indonesia

Fair Trade