Champagne Coupe - 1920s style

Champagne Coupe - 1920s style

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Add Art Deco opulence to your home bar with this '20s Espresso Martini Glasses from Bormioli Rocco.


As the name suggests, the styling of these glasses takes inspiration from classic 1920's America - the era of speakeasys, flappers and the Great Gatsby! The delicate ridges that encircle each vessel dance in the light to cast intricate reflections upon surrounding surfaces, combining with an elegant scuplted stem designed to dazzle and delight their audience.


Don't be fooled into thinking these glasses are all fashion and no function, however - each glass in Bormioli Rocco's Bartender collection has been specially crafted to meet the exacting standards of the world's mixology professionals.


Durable, crystal clear and dishwasher safe, the America '20s collection is sure to render any gathering a Roaring success!