Meet Holly Johnson - collaboration artist taking over Store6 pop-up





The incredibly talented Holly Johnson, 16 years, is our second collaborator taking over our pop-up space in Store6 with her wonderful, colourful and energetic creations.


In 2017 Holly was diagnosed as profoundly dyslexic, she explains "It was a relief to know that there was a reason that I could not keep up with my peers at school".

Choosing Art as one of her GCSE subjects, Holly has flourished. She loves to explore mixed media and has a passion for photography and digital art. Firmly believing that it's not all about academic grades, Holly hopes to inspire other young people to believe in themselves to realise their unique talents and passions.

View Holly's collection of works here



Holly also takes on commissioned pieces and specialises in family and pet portraits (with a wonderful digital twist). 

Why Store6 loves Holly: What's not to love....there's colour and energy in every piece. The 'Contour Kiss' is such a striking piece and we've also got a soft spot for 'Midnight Pollen'. Don't get us started on the Neon Lines collection!! We think Holly's work is wonderful, unique and we are thrilled to showcase her work in store.