A bit of background for you...

WT(A)F? Opening a shop and cafe during a pandemic.

Yep. We did. And despite a lot of bumps, things have been great and we made a fantastic start. Thanks for all the LOVE.

Although we cannot open our doors right now, we are plugging away at the website and adding lovely new stock every day.

We are Gem and Han - cousins who have talked for years about starting a business and in 2020 we finally did it. The space we have created is all about colour, fun, design as well as great food and coffee.

Our dream is to build the space into a hub loved by the community that brings people together to enjoy creative masterclasses, workshops, food tastings or cooking classes. From screen printing your own t's to gin tasting evenings, we are keen to offer an eclectic mix of events (once COVID restrictions permit)



Why are you called Store6?
Now that’s not the most exciting story but we basically started searching for premises and fell in love with a warehouse complete with mezzanine. We wanted to convert it into our retail/cafe space. The warehouse was called Store6 and that name just stuck. Sadly it wasn’t meant to be in terms of our premises but it gave us our name and one day we will have a warehouse with mezzanine converted into a Store6!