Hint#Night Lemon, Lavender, Sleep & Rest scented candle

Hint#Night Lemon, Lavender, Sleep & Rest scented candle

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“Yorkshireman making candles in Dorset inspired by comfort”




Hint Night: Lemon, Lavender, Sleep & Rest


Hint Journey: Now I’m not a great sleeper so this was always an important scent to me. Getting to sleep is fine, its staying asleep thats the problem so when I wake and the room is still full of the relaxing and calming hints of Lemon and Lavender. this scent triggers my mind back to rest. I close my eyes, breath and drift back off.


**always extinguish candles before you go to bed. Never sleep with a candle or burner still alight


130g.    25-30hrs burn time.


HintCo. is a fantastic new business here in Dorset. We came across these wonderful smelling candles being hand-made around the corner from our shop and we knew we had to stock them. With proper care (looking after the wick) these candles can last well over 25hrs and just give off the most gorgeous fragrance. A gem of a discovery.