Mayker’s Home Makery

Mayker’s Home Makery

Meet our latest artists taking over the Store6 collaboration space - the amazing Mayker's Home Makery. Not one artist, but a whole family of artists who have come together to form Mayker's Home Makery for the first time. 

Led by daughter Hazel, she explains "I’m an artist whose love for colours and patterns infuse my work. I use my experiences with disability and mental health – both from an inside and outside perspective – to explore both positivity and a kind curiosity to the world."

Samantha, free-spirited mother and wife says "I am constantly bowled over by the beauty of the world. I love to create things that are useful, warm, and aesthetically pleasing to contribute to the part of that beauty which is sharing my love of comfort and joy with others."

Dad, Ray, struggles with extreme OCD, amongst other disabilities, and found lockdown incredibly difficult. To combat this, using his experience of model-making, Ray began to rummage through the recycling. He explains that  "Instead of seeing teabag boxes, plastic pots, bottles and cans, I began to see roof tiles, towers, chimneys and terrain."

Explore their creative collection below and in-store.

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